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At LOSHTC one of our goals is to distribute as much information and resources as possible.

Equipping others with the appropriate tools to raise awareness, identify, and report suspected human trafficking cases will

help bring this evil to an end.


Visit our Get Involved page or click on one of the icons below to learn how YOU can help combat human trafficking

National Human Trafficking Hotline link
Be Alert link
Blue Campaign link
Polaris link
Operation Underground Railroad link

Students & Youth

Student advocate for
human trafficking?

Learn how YOU can raise awareness and educate fellow students on human trafficking. Check out this toolkit from Blue Campaign available for download or mail order.

Talking to youth about human trafficking?

Use this free, helpful toolkit designed specifically to educate students and youth on human trafficking.

This poster, along with many other free resources, are available
from the Missouri Department of Transportation.
Click here to download this poster.

Stop Human Trafficking info poster
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